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Welcome to my blog. Hope that your stay is pleasant and rewarding.


Stelios (born Stanley) was the city editor of New York Herald Tribune, on the staff of Philadelphia Ledger and a writer of 7 books. He was an English cricketer, playing for Derbyshire and an international umpire. He was one of the murdered victims in an armed robbery, where the victims were forced to drink drain cleaner, before he was fatally shot. He is a Maori artist and actor. He was an American non-commissioned officer and an Olympic biathlon.

Stelios is a Greek footballer, who also played for Bolton Wanderers, the President of the Greek Professional Footballers Association. He is a British entrepreneur of Greek Cypriot origin, a MSc graduate and founder of a Philanthropic Foundation which supports education. He was a Greek lead singer and novelist, with a 2010 commemorative postage stamp. He is a Greek Cypriot singer of the Eurovision Song Festival. He is a Cypriot-Australian performance artist, who focused on the capabilities of the human body, having a cell-cultivated ear attached to his left arm. He is the Patron Saint of Children, towards the born, unborn and orphans.

But this isn’t those Stelios Pezoporos.

This Stelios Pezoporos is a self confessed gigolo, a slave to his wife and tutor to his daughters and grandson. A retired Electro-Mechanical Projects Designer of International status. An Arian, naturalist & perfectionist by nature. Dogmatically persistent in his endeavours. Has an innate love for his fellow man & a burning desire for knowledge. The Stelios Pezoporos that likes to write about himself in the 3rd person.

Places his Lived: Johannesburg, South Africa (present), Harare, Zimbabwe (previously Salisbury, Rhodesia), Alberton, South Africa (previous)

His Birthday: 9th April, Aries (Please send him Money)

His Nameday: 26th November (Please send him Greetings)

He Speaks: English & Afrikaans (second language)

His Interests/Hobbies: Amateur Radio, Art, Astronomy, Chess, Computer Aided Design, Computing, Cosmology, Internet, Music, News Insight (Historic), Notaphily (Banknote Collecting), Photography

Affiliated & Member of: South African Radio League (SARL), South African Amateur Satellite Association (SAAMSAT), Boy Scouts

The Books he likes: There are too many to list them all – though you might find most of them at http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/

Film/Movies he enjoys: Now that, depends on the company and salted/buttered popcorn, which is infrequently.

Shows interest in the following TV Shows: Rarely finds the time to vegetate – not a TV fanatic at all. Although he presently enjoys ‘7de LAAN’ (7th Avenue – a local Afrikaans soap drama). Also time permitting, 50/50 (Conservation and Environmental), EASTERN MOSAIC (Eastern/Muslim reality show) and WWE (Wrestling)

Musical appreciation: All genres are of importance, Country and Easy Listening is his preferential choice.


Posted 2012/01/22 by Stelios

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  1. Very Interesting indeed. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Stelios – Good to have you along. Issa amuses me with her unusual interest in snakes as well. Previously, she studied astronomy — with most focus dedicated to our solar system — and dinosaurs.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your subject matter is interesting as my oldest daughter, Issa, loves science and devotes much time to learning more about animals/environment. Her current fascination is snakes. We adopted a ball python for her. He resides at our local nature center. She visits him regularly to help feed him, change out his water, hold him and to learn more about the care of snakes.

    • Hi Kate, thanks for the follow, which I reciprocated. I find it extremely amusing that Issa is following such an unusual interest for a young lady. I am sure you are well aware that the Ball python is also know as a Royal python. As Cleopatra supposedly wore one as a belt.

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